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Facebook: We have institued a Facebook page after a response from some of you to create a medium for our constituents to post photos and articles of interest to readers. To view our Facebook page, please click on the link below.

The Mississippi Lakes Association (MLA) and website is for the benefit of people who enjoy Lake Mississippi, a beautiful waterway with 58 km of shoreline, located in the Mississippi Valley Watershed of Eastern Ontario, Canada. The lake is situated just southwest of Carleton Place, and stretches for several kilometres until narrowing again into the Mississippi River near the village of Innisville.

We are a not-for-profit incorporated organisation that provides services to our clients, primarily residents with properties surrounding the lake, but also to people coming to Lake Mississippi for recreation -- fishermen, boaters, naturalists, campers, etc.

This site provides useful information that may not be easily accessible via other means. The MLA uses this venue to communicate to its clients on matters of interest or importance such as, water levels, meeting and newsletter announcements, environmental initiatives, watershed advisories and warnings, and information on navigational hazards, including the location of marker buoys and notification of their placement and removal.

Links on the left lead to pages are devoted to specific topics, giving users the option of viewing only their areas of interest. The site is deliberately straightforward in nature so as to reduce download times, as many of our members use dial-up Internet access.

We will develop the site's format and content over time -- your comments and suggestions can help us take this evolution in the right direction.

Thanks for visiting!

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